When Dot gets too close to Ken for Fitz’s comfort, Fitz lands on an unlikely solution to his problem – his mother. But what happens when she gets too close for comfort? It’s Fitz versus Fitz…and somebody’s going down hard.


When Dot and Ken gang up on Fitz, Fitz decides it’s time to get rid of his former nemesis for once and for all. But try as he might, he just can’t seem to shake her. Dot is always just one step ahead of him. Out of desperation, Fitz decides to fight bitch with bitch, by bailing his mother out of jail. If anyone can remind his old man how much he hates all of womankind it’s her. But a toxic trip down memory lane backfires when Ken and Elaine reminisce… reconcile…and then turn on Fitz over his childhood theft of Ken’s prize bottle of Presidential scotch.