When Babs Devon’s body is dug up, Larry accidentally tells the cops that the Summerwind land is a Native burial ground. Fitz must fight to keep the site from being expropriated, how else will he build his chessy dream lounge?


When Babs Devon’s body is unearthed on the Summerwind land, Larry panics and tells the cops the site is an ancient Indian burial ground. Lucky for Fitz, Josh turns out to be 1/13th Cherokee. But when Josh is seduced into signing the land over to the Cherokee Nation by a slick chief who promises him a friendship bracelet, Fitz decides to destroy it. If he can’t have a lounge/Native casino/strip club, no one can. But as soon as Fitz lets an entire truckload of toxic waste spill out over the site of his dream lounge…Ali tells him she brokered a deal to return it to him.