Broke, insomniac and paranoid, Fitz doesn’t think things could get any worse… until a fortuneteller tells him he’s fated to die by the next Beaver Moon. What the fuck is a Beaver Moon?


Richard Fitzpatrick may be insomniac, paranoid and strapped for cash, but he has no intention of letting any of that stop him from breaking ground on his beloved Summerwind Lounge. All Fitz has ever dreamed of is a booze can full of strippers to call his own. But things only get worse for Fitz when the fortuneteller he’s shagging tells him he’s going to die on the next Beaver Moon. Fitz doesn’t know what the hell a Beaver Moon is. But now he’s got an expiration date, he’s even more desperate to get start construction… and to plough the rest of the way through his list of must-bang chicks.