113: Honesty, Integrity, And Low Mileage: Part 2

Written by Sheri Elwood & Dennis Heaton 


Fitz comes to in a motel room with Ali, Sonja, and the unhinged leader of the Bad Men and the Good Women Who Love Them. But as they’re prepping his videotaped “beheading,” Larry comes to the rescue, and pleads his case in kangaroo court at the Trial of Dick Fitz.


Fitz wakes up in a motel room with his captors, Ali, Sonja, and Julia, the leader of the Bad Men and the Good Women Who Love Them support group. But the women are divided on what they want to do with him – snip off his dick or record a hostage-style video PSA to warn women everywhere. When Sonja chickens out and calls Larry to come save Fitz, Larry talks the women out of a beheading, instead agreeing to take up Kangaroo court for the trial of Dick Fitz. Larry pleads on behalf of the defendant that they’re lucky he’s not worse than he is – his mother left him, his father doesn’t want him to succeed, and that he’s still capable of love. A mistrial is called when Larry and Fitz learn there’s bigger fish to fry – literally. Josh has been conned into bombing the dealership and if they don’t get there soon, Fitzpatrick Motors may be finished– for good.