112: Honesty, Integrity, And Low Mileage: Part 1

Written by Sheri Elwood & Tracy Dawson 


After a rough year, Fitz is out of contention for the Fibbies, so he needs to enter as a team with Larry. But before he can make it to the ceremony, Fitz has to help Larry investigate his mysterious past, talk him out of suicide, and eventually get himself kidnapped.


The final numbers for the Fibbies are in, and Fitz is way out of contention. But there’s a

loop-hole – salesmen can enter as a team. As Fitz schemes to sign Larry as his ‘plus one’, Larry gets an anonymous letter: a clue into a past he no longer remembers . Though Fitz agrees to help Larry investigate his past in exchange for his help winning a Fibbie, mere hours before the Fibbies start, they end up trapped in an abandoned warehouse. Larry doubts his abilities as a conscience, and wonders if the world would be better without him. Fitz talks him out of his noose, and they get to the Fibbies just in time, but as Fitz practices his acceptance speech in the parking lot, a hood is thrown over his head and he’s kidnapped. Let’s just say the list of suspects is long …