110: The Kidney Stays In The Picture

Written by Ari Posner


Fitz sets up a charity drive for Ned the Cripple –not a kid, but a curmudgeonly 30-something in a wheelchair. But when he backs out of donating his own kidney, he gets Larry tangled up in a black market organ exchange.


Reeling from the Ali debacle, Fitz has a new plan to get rid of Larry: if he’s good for once, there’d be no need to have a conscience. Larry would finally leave him alone. So Fitz sets up a charity drive for Ned the cripple – not a kid, but a curmudgeonly dude in a wheelchair. And to prove he’s really altruistic, he promises to give Ned a kidney. Larry is sure Fitz won’t go through with it. Which of course, he doesn’t – especially when he learns he’s feeling down because he has syphilis. The match testing never happened – it was a scam by Ned, who ends up harvesting Larry’s kidney for sale on the black market instead…