109: The Upside Of Matricide

Written by Dennis Heaton 


Ali learns Babs’ dying wish was an organic burial – simple, tasteful, and completely illegal. If anyone can help her skirt the law, it’s Fitz. They steal the corpse and bury her on Fitz’s new real estate venture – The Summerwind Lounge, a plot of land financed by Babs’ estate.


Being a widower has its perks; the pity, the gifts, the inheritance – which Fitz uses to buy a plot of land for his dream bar, The Summer Wind Lounge. Ali learns her mother’s dying wish was an organic burial. Unfortunately it’s illegal. But if anyone can help her skirt the law, it’s Fitz. Together, they steal the body from the crematorium, and bury her on Fitz’s new real estate venture. Ali is grateful for a sense of closure on her strained maternal relationship. So she thanks Fitz by banging him in the car. But when she learns Fitz used all of Babs’ money to invest in his bar, she’s done with him forever…