104: Long Con Silver

Written by Pat Bullard


Elaine returns in search of her stolen car. Desperate to reconcile mother and child, Larry encourages Fitz to team up with his Mom and scam the Ruptals, not realizing it’s all part of a con Elaine concocted to finalize her divorce and steal Fitz’s savings.


Fitz quickly unloads Elaine’s car in hopes of putting their broken relationship behind him for good. But Larry is convinced it was a desperate plea to get her back in his life. Unfortunately for Fitz, that’s exactly what happens. After manipulating Larry into a family reunion, Elaine gets Fitz on board to scam the Ruptals and get the car back. But its all part of a Long Con Elaine concocts to finalize her divorce and rid herself of all things Fitz once and for all ….